Family Law Division

The attorneys at George Young’s office provide the highest quality legal services possible, drawing on more than 35 combined years of experience handling domestic law and other legal disputes. We have faced nearly every issue imaginable as part of a divorce or other family law proceeding. Our office has represented clients in
     * The preparation and interpretation of pre-marital agreements
     * Dissolution of marriage in both contested and uncontested divorces
     * Paternity actions and stepparent adoptions
     * Domestic violence and restraining orders
     * Child custody and visitation as well as guardianship proceedings
     * Child & spousal support
     * Mediation
     * Property division
     * Modification and enforcement of domestic orders, including contempt proceedings for violations
     * Business Valuations

While most of our clients will resolve their disputes without the need for a trial, experience has taught us that many of our clients take comfort in the fact that their attorney has often been in court and has trial experience. In addition, they know that we have experience with some of the lesser-known matters including:
     * Discovery and tracing of hidden income and assets
     * Uniform Child Custody Jurisdiction Enforcement Act (UCCJEA) actions affecting child custody and interstate jurisdiction
     * High asset divorce, including valuation and distribution of closely held businesses
     * Valuation of retirement accounts, 401(k) plans, pensions, stocks and bonds and stock options
     * Valuation of professional degrees and professional licenses, and complex custody situations.

In cases involving high-asset divorces or other complex family law litigation, our attorneys often work closely with accountants, actuaries and other financial experts to analyze complex financial issues and develop strategies to maximize our clients' best interests.

For further information about the experience of our attorneys or for immediate assistance if you are having problems with a divorce, spousal, child support matters or any other Family Law issue, call us at 626-795-9699 or contact us online today.

Personal Injury

George Young and his dedicated staff know the pain and suffering of a vehicle accident does not stop with the initial collision. The immediate consequences of an accident can leave people feeling overwhelmed, vulnerable and powerless to defend themselves. Call 626-795-9699 to make an appointment for a case evaluation.

Business and Commercial Litigation

George Young’s office has substantial expertise in virtually all areas of litigation for a varied range of clients. All of the Firm's lawyers are actively engaged in litigation and related matters, many with extensive experience conducting trials and appeals in the federal and state courts. The Firm's practice encompasses civil, regulatory, real estate, and commercial litigation.


In these difficult economic times, many people who had always been financially sound are finding themselves in a surprisingly dire financial situation. If you feel you need protection from creditors through bankruptcy, whether it be a Chapter 7 (liquidation) or Chapter 13 (personal reorganization), the bankruptcy staff at George Young’s law office can help guide you through the best course of action for you to take in your particular circumstances.

With about twenty years of experience in bankruptcy law, and offering a consultation and reasonable, competitive rates, our knowledgeable bankruptcy attorneys and staff can help you back onto the road of financial recovery.

Medical Malpractice

Medical malpractice is the negligence of any health care provider (doctor, nursing, hospital, chiropractor, etc.) which results in injury or death of a patient. In theory, it is merely another form of negligence (such as negligent driving) which requires expert witnesses to testify to the “standard of care” in the relevant medical community.

Landlord and Tenant Issues

George Young has handled numerous issues for landlords and for a variety of tenants from small retail operators to large anchor tenants. He has negotiated and drafted a variety of leases, and he understands the requirements of the landlord’s lender under the leasing agreement. In the current economic climate, more tenants are struggling to meet lease obligations while landlords are struggling to meet debt obligations. Mr. Young has the experience necessary to assist landlords and tenants in negotiating or renegotiating lease terms so help tenants remain on site, and to preserve rental income for landlords so financing is not jeopardized. George Young understands the bigger picture, and he can work with all parties toward the desired result.


Shoplifting is very prevalent in today’s culture.   Many times, the defendants in these types of cases are teenagers who had to learn the hard way that stealing from a store carries very serious consequences.  The Law Office of George Young is very sympathetic to this “learning experience”, and will do everything in our power to get our clients the best possible outcome for their future.

Dog Bite

Los Angeles attorney George Young represents people injured by dog bites and animal attacks in California, offering information and case evaluations to all prospective clients. Contact our Law Firm today at 626-795-9699 to schedule a consultation.


An experienced divorce attorney may be able to help resolve disputes during a divorce and can assist you if you need to pursue legal action to protect what is rightfully yours. Because divorce cases are often emotionally-charged and can be very complicated at times, it is important to have someone on your side to help you protect yourself and your livelihood.

Commercial Disputes

Our lawyers handle business disputes involving commercial contracts in a wide range of areas such as the purchase and sale of businesses, utility contracts, contracts for the sale or development of intellectual property, construction contracts, and partnership disputes. We are experienced in litigating all types of cases under the Uniform Commercial Code, including contracts for the sale of goods, security interests, loan transactions, banking, procedures and investment.